WALK is a street festival which brings a quantity of vivid street artists to Pärnu for two amazing summer days, including artists like musicians, (fire)dancers, living sculptures, circus artists, poets and many other creative entertainers. The festival has been created in the walk-by form, meaning that the artist performs on the street corner, a hat in front of him/her, and the passer-by puts money in the hat to support the artist – that is also where the festival gets its name. 

As well as the visitors can enjoy nice entertainment, festival also offers a lot of good and delicious food by local cafés and restaurants presenting their delicacies in pop-up cafés. 

The purpose of the WALK festival is to create an emotional festival with creative athomsphere, which introduces different kinds of artists who are not presented on TV and which motivates youngsters to create more music or art in the way they feel most comfortable in.  The sub-goal of the festival is to promote street perfomance as a creative self-expression and show that art can also take shape in public as part of our cityscape.


The program of 2019 is not 100% ready yet.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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